Por qué todo buzo debería ser miembro de DAN World

As a DAN World member, you’ll enjoy a suite of valuable benefits designed to help make you a safer, smarter diver. Dive confidently knowing that you have the world’s leading dive safety organization on your side.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Up to US$150,000 (US$100,000 in IN, MN, NH, NY, and WA) of emergency medical evacuation coverage
for diving and nondiving medical emergencies any time you travel more than 50 miles from home.

Access To Purchase Dive Accident Insurance

Join first, then purchase DAN's dive accident insurance plans, which help cover hyperbaric chamber
treatment, physicians’ charges, emergency transportation and hospital charges.

Línea de emergencias disponible las 24 horas

DAN is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to assist you
in the event of an emergency anywhere you travel.

Línea de información médica

Talk to a medical specialist when you need nonurgent information
about topics like fitness to dive, prescriptions or dive physiology.

Online Safety Resources

Improve your dive safety knowledge with helpful tools such as DAN’s Health and Diving
Reference Library, case summaries, safety quizzes, Smart Guides, videos and more.

Alert Diver Magazine Subscription

Members enjoy the most-circulated dive magazine in the world featuring
stories on dive travel, destinations, safety and underwater photography.

View the Member Benefits Handbook for complete terms and conditions of coverage.

One Low Annual Membership Fee Provides Benefits All Year

When you join DAN World, you get more than great benefits. Your support helps power our 24/7 emergency hotline and advances our ongoing dive safety research, training and education programs for divers across the world.

Even More Reasons To Join DAN

You can benefit from DAN World membership even if you’re not actively diving. Members also enjoy valuable DAN TravelAssist benefits that are ideal for anyone who loves domestic or international travel, watersports and other outdoor activities.

Visit Of Family Member Or Friend

DAN TravelAssist will arrange for an economy round-trip ticket to the location of the Hospital,
accom­modations and meals, for a person chosen by the Insured Member to travel to the site of his or her
hospitalization and return to the point of that person’s departure.

Visit Of A Traveling Companion

DAN TravelAssist will arrange to provide the Traveling Companion with
one-way economy transportation to the location of the Hospital, accom­modations and meals,
to allow the Traveling Companion to remain near the Insured Member.

Return Of Dependent Children

DAN TravelAssist will arrange to provide the children with one-way economy transportation
to return them Home if during the course of a Trip an Insured Member is traveling alone with his
or her minor dependent children and suffers a Medical Emergency.

Return Of Traveling Companion

DAN TravelAssist will arrange to provide the Trav­eling Companion with one-way economy
transportation to return them to their original return destination if during the course of a
Trip an Insured Member has suffered a Medical Emergency and the Traveling Companion's
transportation ticket is no longer valid.

Return of Vehicle

DAN TravelAssist will arrange for the cost of returning the unattended vehicle to the
rental agency or to the Insured Member's Home if during the course of a Trip an Insured Mem­ber is 
hospitalized or requires an Emergency Evacuation or Medi­cally Necessary Transfer.

Emergency Message Transmission

DAN TravelAssist will receive and relay emergency messages
to and from Your Family and/or em­ployer.

Emergency Cash Advances

When possible, DAN TravelAssist will provide You with a cash advance of up to
US $500 (or equivalent lo­cal currency) for medical emergencies with an acceptable
guarantee of reimbursement from either You or Your insurance.

Lost Or Stolen Item Recovery Assistance

When a Mem­ber has had luggage, documents, credit cards, or personal
items lost or stolen, DAN TravelAssist will aid the Member in reporting
the lost or stolen items to the appropriate authorities.

General Assistance

DAN TravelAssist will provide advice regarding how to utilize services available
in consulates and in government agencies and provided by translators and other
service providers who assist with travel-related problems.

Travel Arrangement Assistance

DAN TravelAssist will help coordinate emergency travel arrangements and
hotel reservations, help replace lost or stolen airline tickets and more.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Los beneficios de DAN TravelAssist will help the Insured Member ver­ify insurance coverage,
guarantee payments to medi­cal care providers and
obtain information for insurance claims.

Pre-Trip Information

Members may obtain information for each country to be visited concerning
immunization requirements, pass­port and visa requirements and more.

Emergency Prescription Replacement Assistance

DAN TravelAssist will consult with the prescribing physician, and locate
and arrange to send your replacement medications and/or prescriptions when
it’s possible and legally permissible to do so.

Medical Expense Advances

Hospital admittance or discharge deposits will be advanced
up to $5,000 by DAN TravelAssist with an acceptable guarantee of
reimbursement from either You or Your insurance.

Medical Monitoring

DAN TravelAssist and its staff will establish communication with
the local attending medical provider and obtain as much information
as possible about the situation and begin to monitor the Member’s condition.

Legal Referrals

Referrals to local qualified attorneys are provided in the area in
which You are traveling. Telephone interpretation can be provided when necessary.

View All DAN World Membership Benefits

View the Member Benefits Handbook for complete terms and conditions of coverage.

Have questions about DAN World membership? Learn more.

Centro de atención al cliente DAN

Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

+1 (919) 684-2948

+1 (800) 446-2671

Fax: +1 (919) 490-6630

Correo electrónico: 

Emergencia 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana Línea directa

In event of a dive accident or injury, call local EMS first, then call DAN.

24/7 Emergency Hotline:

+1 (919) 684-9111

(Collect calls accepted)

DAN must arrange transportation for covered emergency medical evacuation fees to be paid.

Línea de información médica

Get answers to your nonemergency health and diving questions.

Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

+1 (919) 684-2948, Option 2

Correo electrónico: 

En línea: Consulte a un médico

(Allow 24-48 hours for a response.)

DAN membership includes automatic enrollment in DAN TravelAssist®. Los beneficios están disponibles para emergencias de buceo y no relacionadas con el buceo, con un límite de beneficio combinado de hasta USD 150 000. 

Los beneficios de DAN TravelAssist® benefits are provided by DAN, Travel Guard®, y otros proveedores de servicios dependiendo del beneficio. Para acceder a estos beneficios o para solicitar transporte médico de emergencia, debe comunicarse con DAN TravelAssist para asistencia. Es posible que no se reembolse el transporte médico de emergencia organizado directamente por usted.