Célébration des jeunes et des moins jeunes aux îles Turks et Caicos

A TWO-WEEK LIVEABOARD in Turks and Caicos was the first dive trip I’d taken in 18 months, and I quickly learned that this small island nation has plenty to offer adults and children alike. It was Family Week, so I got to spend time with the younger generation of divers and their parents. West Caicos […]

Plongée avec mon père

I WAS 13 YEARS OLD THE FIRST TIME I WENT SCUBA DIVING. My family was on a trip to Cancun, and my dad took me and my sister, Carrie, who was 11 at the time, for a scuba lesson. We did a low-risk resort-style dive, going no deeper than 25 feet. But we loved the […]

Permettre aux plongeurs de s'adapter

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, you make lemonade, as the saying goes. Such was the case for Jen Overturf. She suffered a spinal injury at her sixth thoracic vertebra from a dirt-biking accident in 2003 that left her paralyzed from the waist down. After the accident …


Assis dans un bureau poussiéreux, entouré de dizaines de bouteilles, de scooters, de combinaisons étanches, d'un énorme compresseur et de près d'une centaine de photos de plongées effectuées dans le monde entier, collées sur du contreplaqué, je me suis retrouvé dans la cabane de plongée de Tim.

Vince Campisano et Tim

More Than Colorful Coral

I’M ALWAYS AMAZED at what people will do for love. My girlfriend, who is terrified of the ocean, announced that she wanted to learn to dive and then accompany me on a trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia. I was thrilled. We come from different backgrounds and always look for activities we can do together. 

Andrea scuba diving in Indonesia.

Seeking Success as a Woman Dive Professional

Young women beginning their careers as dive instructors regularly ask me how to be heard on a dive boat. Their experience is that guests don’t naturally listen to their directions. The dive industry has improved, and I don’t want to downplay the vast improvements that have already happened for women dive professionals. But this is a common question, so it remains relevant.

JoAnn Haack