Your DAN World Benefits

Thank you for your continued support of DAN.

As a member living in Canada, please follow these steps to maintain DAN World benefits for yourself and your family members.

If you need help, our Member Services Team is available to answer any questions you have, call +1-919-684-2948 (Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5.00pm ET) or email.

To keep DAN benefits for yourself and your family members, please follow these steps:

Étape 1: Visit and log into your Member Portal with your email and password.

Étape 2: Your Coverage: Select the ‘Renewals’ tab: Choose your Membership and Insurance options, complete your payment, and download your new member card. 

Étape 3: Your Family Members: From within your Portal, the Overview tab will display your existing family members. To link them to your account, so you can renew their coverage, and update their details (as needed), click ‘Add Email’.

Step 4: Enter a unique email address for each family member you are linking to your account: Once an email is added, the member is linked to your account.

Step 5: Login to the account of the ‘Linked’ Member/s by clicking ‘View’ beside their name in the Linked Accounts section of your portal: Select their coverage preferences (Membership and Insurance), complete the payment, and download their new member card. 

Note: At any time, you can ‘unlink’ a Linked Account, which will make those accounts independent.

Need Help?

Our Team is happy to provide assistance. Please send an email or call +1-919-684-2948 (Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5pm ET).