DAN World Student Medical Expense Coverage

For DAN World Business Members

Students enrolled in DAN World’s Student Medical Expense Coverage are covered for injuries sustained during entry-level training. From a broken foot due to a dropped tank to ear issues to more serious dive-related injuries, DAN World’s Student Medical Expense Coverage ensures medical bills get paid – which can prevent claims against your personal liability policy.

This program…

  • Is offered at NO COST to you or your students
  • Protects your entry-level scuba and freediving students with up to US$25,000 in medical expense coverage
  • Covers student injuries that occur both in and out of the water
  • Provides coverage from course registration until completion of the last certifying dive or 180 days after course registration (whichever comes first)

Steps to enroll students…

  1. Log in to your DAN World account
  2. Under Services click on Student Coverage Enrollment
  3. Start enrolling your students