DAN’s Fast Facts Guide packs a lot of information into one simple, easy-to-read guide, and covers several key topics:

  • The Ears & Diving: Fast Facts to Equalisation
  • Recomendaciones para volar después de bucear
  • Guidelines for Recreational Diving with Diabetes
  • Diving with a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)
  • Fast Facts About Decompression Sickness (DCS)
  • Diving Accident Action Plan: Simple steps to follow in the event of a Diving Accident
  • DAN is for Divers: An introduction to DAN’s Medical Services, Safety Services, Research departments, & More

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Afiliación y cobertura

DAN offers divers affordable options to be covered in the event of a diving accident/illness with emergency medical evacuation assistance as well as coverage for treatment costs following a covered diving accident. In addition, your dues support ongoing dive safety research, the development of diving health and safety resources and 24/7 emergency medical assistance for scuba divers across the world: JOIN DAN


DAN offers divers an extensive range of free diving health y safety resources. Take the time to explore our website and discover the range of courses available via our Plataforma de e-learning platform, many of which are free!

DAN is Your Diving Safety Association