DAN’s Fast Facts Guide packs a lot of information into one simple, easy-to-read guide, and covers several key topics:

  • The Ears & Diving: Fast Facts to Equalisation
  • Directives pour prendre l'avion après avoir plongé
  • Guidelines for Recreational Diving with Diabetes
  • Diving with a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)
  • Fast Facts About Decompression Sickness (DCS)
  • Diving Accident Action Plan: Simple steps to follow in the event of a Diving Accident
  • DAN is for Divers: An introduction to DAN’s Medical Services, Safety Services, Research departments, & More

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Adhésion et couverture

DAN offers divers affordable options to be covered in the event of a diving accident/illness with emergency medical evacuation assistance as well as coverage for treatment costs following a covered diving accident. In addition, your dues support ongoing dive safety research, the development of diving health and safety resources and 24/7 emergency medical assistance for scuba divers across the world: JOIN DAN


DAN offers divers an extensive range of free diving health et safety resources. Take the time to explore our website and discover the range of courses available via our Plateforme de e-learning platform, many of which are free!

DAN is Your Diving Safety Association