Annonce de DAN Brasil

Dear fellow divers, friends and partners:

As you know, since July 2020, amid the height of the pandemic, it was necessary for DAN Brasil to suspend offering annual memberships to divers in Brasil. Now, to better serve you and continue offering our resources and products to all divers, Brasil will become part of the DAN World family. Alongside the whole of Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean, our mission of dive safety will continue and grow.

All DAN instructors will continue to receive full support from our U.S. headquarters. We will continue to maintain and advance our 40-year mission to make diving safer for everyone.

In addition to our resources and publications, we will maintain our well-known Diving Emergency Hotline with service in Portuguese, at a new globally accessible number: +55 (11) 3042-1157.

In the near future, we will have new memberships and insurance products available to Brazilian divers at Stay tuned!

Once again, thank you very much for your continued support,

Irene Demetrescu

Président, DAN Brasil

Bill Ziefle

Président-directeur général, DAN

Communiqué DAN Brasil