Terdampar Saat Menyelam Arus

Being stranded at sea is psychologically taxing as well as physically demanding. Hazardous marine life encounters, dehydration, exhaustion and hypothermia are all possible life-threatening scenarios.

Barotrauma Telinga yang Tidak Dikenali

Masalah dengan pemerataan tekanan di telinga tengah sangat umum terjadi dalam penyelaman dan dapat menyebabkan barotrauma, yang merupakan cedera penyelaman yang paling umum.

Sea Lion Attacks a Scuba Diver

With any injury in the marine environment that penetrates the skin, medical evaluation and treatment are essential. Documentation indicates that seal bites in particular have a very high probability of infection.

Out-of-Shape Diver Dies During Surface Swim

There were plenty of warning signs for this diver. He probably had difficulty climbing a few steps of stairs in everyday life, and that is sufficient indication of poor physical fitness.

Vertigo Setelah Menyelam

Vertigo is a feeling that you or your surroundings are moving when there is no actual movement. The time of symptom onset after the dive increases the probability that it was caused by the dive.