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DAN World provides dive stores and operators with access to valuable risk-mitigation programs, student medical coverage and other safety resources to help protect divers from accidents and injury. Take the first step and demonstrate to your customers how important safety is to your business.

Keanggotaan Bisnis


•Earn 20% with Short-Term Dive Accident Coverage

•Earn $10 when you refer new members to DAN World

Student Coverage

•Enroll your entry-level open water students for free

•Students receive up to $25,000 in medical 


•Receive preferred pricing on oxygens units, first aid kits and safety products

•Member pricing can be accessed through online account

Alat Mitigasi Risiko

•Safety tips for operators

•Publications and risk assessment programs

Sumber Daya Keselamatan

•Spread the message of dive safety to your divers 

Perlengkapan Pemasaran

•Digital banners

•Email templates


Program Penghargaan

Dapatkan Penghargaan

Earn points each time a new diver joins DAN World and uses your referral code or custom links. 

•Add a banner ad with your customized referral link to your website or social media account.

•Rewards earned for New members only.

•Rewards are issued on a quarterly basis. 

•Earn $10 for each new DAN World member that uses your code.

DAN World has created several banners for you to promote membership. Your customized referral link will be imbedded in the ad for easy placement:

•On your website – Place the 728×90 leaderboard banner for the top of your home page and a 250 x 250 square on your course page

•On Facebook – Do weekly promotions for membership and use the 1200 x 900 rectangle banner for your post. 

•In Your Newsletters – add the 120X600 skyscraper banner in your monthly or quarterly newsletters.

Program Pertanggungan Biaya Medis Siswa 

Introduce Your Students to DAN World From The Start

Pertanggungan Medis Siswa

Students enrolled in DAN’s Student Medical Coverage are covered for injuries sustained during their entry-level training. DAN World’s Student Medical Coverage helps ensure medical bills get paid – whether they’re from a broken foot due to a dropped tank, ear problems or more serious dive related injuries.

Program Benefits 
1)Provides up to $25,000 in coverage for medical expenses for injuries that may occur during training
2)Coverage is valid for up to 180 days after enrollments or upon completion of the last certifying dive, whichever comes first
3)Covers dive related injuries that occur both in and out of the water
4)Covers entry-level scuba and breath hold diving
5)Coverage is 100% subsidized by DAN – there is no cost to the operators 

Pendaftaran Siswa
Step 1: Log in to your DAN World member account at and select Enroll Student Divers. 
Step 2: Enter a student’s name. date of birth and email address and click Add Student. 
Step 3: Students will receive immediate confirmation and a digital card for proof of coverage. 

Mengapa Saya Harus Mendaftarkan Siswa Saya?

  • The program is subsidized by DAN so there is no charge to you or your students. 
  • Proses pendaftaran cepat dan pertanggungan diproses langsung. 
  • Your students will have access to all of DAN’s diver health and safety resources. 
  • Offering Student Medical Coverage to your customers can help prevent liability claims against your business and your dive professionals.