Anémonas nidificantes

AL SALIR A LA SUPERFICIE, oí a un compañero preguntar: "¡Qué monas son esas anémonas incubadoras!". Esta observación despertó mi interés porque nunca había oído hablar de este comportamiento a pesar de toda una vida viendo documentales de naturaleza y leyendo revistas de buceo.

anémonas empollando, protegiendo a cientos de crías de anémona, madre color chicle, comportamiento único en la vida de una foca

Salmon Run

IN THE ADAMS RIVER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA, huge flows of sockeye salmon swim upstream to complete their life cycle, marked by the compelling need to return to their birthplace to spawn. Their unique journey from the ocean to their freshwater birthplace to reproduce is riddled with obstacles and dangers.

spawning sockeye salmon, British Columbia

Basking Shark vs. Whale Shark

Whale sharks are easy. Basking sharks are hard. Whale sharks usually inhabit warm, tropical waters, while baskers prefer cooler, temperate regions.

basking shark

Sea Star Rave

I had dived in Makako Bay, Hawai’i, many times over many years without seeing a single knobby sea star. The first time I encountered one, however, it wasn’t just one, but more than a hundred of them together. They were all gone a day later, and I haven’t seen one since. 

sea stars