Merenung Anemon

UPON SURFACING, I heard a fellow diver ask, “How cute are those brooding anemones?” This observation piqued my interest because I’d never heard of this behavior despite a lifetime of watching nature documentaries and reading dive magazines.

merenung anemon, melindungi ratusan bayi anemon, induk berwarna permen karet, perilaku hidup anjing laut yang unik

Salmon Run

IN THE ADAMS RIVER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA, huge flows of sockeye salmon swim upstream to complete their life cycle, marked by the compelling need to return to their birthplace to spawn. Their unique journey from the ocean to their freshwater birthplace to reproduce is riddled with obstacles and dangers.

spawning sockeye salmon, British Columbia

Basking Shark vs. Whale Shark

Whale sharks are easy. Basking sharks are hard. Whale sharks usually inhabit warm, tropical waters, while baskers prefer cooler, temperate regions.

basking shark