Selamatkan Penyelam, Selamatkan Diri Anda

Divers can’t save themselves unless they understand what’s happening and how to evaluate the problem, keep breathing and act. It sounds simple, but the rescue diver course helped me solidify my safety and survival skills. I may not remember every detail, but one item still stands out for me as invaluable for a new diver: Any dive can be stopped at any time, for any reason, without question. To that I would add “and without embarrassment.” That advice would eventually save me.

penyelam penyelamat

Galeri Foto California Tengah

View Andy and Allison Salmon’s bonus photo gallery that accompanies their feature on diving Central California.

Menjadi Terpusat

Dengan pandemi COVID-19 yang membatasi perjalanan internasional, para penyelam masih dapat memilih untuk menyelam secara lokal. Andy dan Allison Sallmon mengajak kita dalam perjalanan mereka ke lokasi penyelaman California Tengah, di mana kita dapat menemukan subjek makro di Morro Bay dan kehidupan laut yang melimpah di lokasi yang dilindungi dengan baik di Carmel dan Monterey Bay.

Garis pantai Big Sur California

Galeri Foto La Paz

After reading Tanya Burnett’s feature about La Paz, see more of her amazing images in this photo gallery.


Kepiting yang menyamar

Most decorator crabs belong to one of eight families in the superfamily Majoidea, commonly referred to as spider crabs. About 75 percent of the group’s more than 1,100 global species mask their presence by wearing disguises made from living organisms scissored from the landscape. They commonly hijack seaweeds, sponges, tunicates, bryozoans and hydroids. The crabs manipulate the purloined pieces of attire with their mouths before attaching them to one of the many fishhook-shaped bristles arranged in rows on the carapace, rostrum, walking legs and claw arms, depending on the species.

Seorang dekorator hidroid

La Paz

La Paz, on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, has always been connected to the sea, from its indigenous pre-Columbian people and a history of sea explorers, pearl divers and fishers to a modern destination attracting ocean-inspired tourists to interact with the abundant marine treasures of this region.

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Keamanan Silinder

Pengguna harus mengoperasikan silinder dalam parameter desain, seperti mengisi hanya pada tekanan servis terukur dan memiliki silinder yang diperiksa oleh teknisi yang terlatih dan berkualifikasi secara formal dan memenuhi syarat oleh fasilitas pengujian yang memiliki reputasi baik dan diakui. Lebih dari 90 persen kerusakan terjadi selama pengisian, sehingga pemeriksaan yang rajin selama proses ini sangat penting. Silinder harus beroperasi dengan aman selama masa pakai jika pengguna mematuhi desain dan kondisi pengoperasian.

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Penjaga Laut

The U.S. currently has 14 national marine sanctuaries and two marine national monuments, and each has its own unique story. In preserving these irreplaceable resources, the sanctuaries protect who we are at our base — our soul as a nation. They reaffirm us and connect us to our incredible heritage.

ikan menyelimuti taman bawah laut yang rimbun dengan spons warna-warni, anemon laut, bintang laut, teripang, siput, dan kepiting

Senyum, Buaya

Crocodiles are apex predators, and in the wrong place and time, humans are potential prey. There are exceptions, but most of these wonderful and primitive reptiles won’t squander encountering a potential meal. When swimming in any reptile habitat, know who and what you may encounter, or don’t swim at all. The resident American crocodiles at Jardines de la Reina routinely share their waters with snorkelers and divers, but Jen Hayes didn’t feel the same comfort working in Nile crocodile waters in Botswana.

Buaya Amerika beristirahat di tengah air di atas padang lamun

Model dan Kehidupan Laut

Underwater photographers usually evolve a specialty, but the first fork in their road typically involves defining an interest in either photographing natural history — marine life in particular — or concentrating on editorial and commercial work that inevitably involves photographing people underwater. Photos of charismatic marine life help tell the story of a dive destination or might be used for photo décor or stock photography. Compositions that illustrate people interacting with marine life bridge both disciplines and combine each approach’s rewards and challenges.

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