Sorotan Program: DAN Menawarkan Kursus E-Learning Baru

Dive safety starts with understanding the risks in diving. Prevention requires taking appropriate steps to mitigate these risks, and effectively responding to incidents requires preparation and training.

Online learning is a practical and convenient way to improve your knowledge and make you a safer diver. DAN members have access to a compendium of free e-learning courses designed to help divers enhance their skills. View these offerings at

With programs designed specifically for recreational divers as well as for dive professionals, dive business owners, and dive medical officers, the number of available courses has increased significantly in the past year.

DAN’s first aid courses are the industry standard and promote preparedness for and effective responses to incidents and injuries. E-learning courses can supplement your first aid skills and knowledge by refreshing specific concepts and instilling a risk-management mindset. Being prepared for emergencies can help prevent them from happening.

The following are some currently available courses:

  • DAN Assurance of Breathing-Gas Quality
  • Praktik Terbaik Keselamatan Dive Boat
  • Environmental Stewardship for Dive Operators and Professionals
  • Pengelolaan Lingkungan untuk Penyelam
  • Emergency Planning for Dive Operators and Professionals
  • Emergency Planning for Divers
  • HIRA Level I untuk Profesional Selam
  • HIRA Level II untuk Profesional Selam
  • HIRA Level I untuk Bisnis Selam
  • HIRA Level II untuk Bisnis Selam
  • Essentials of Dive Medicine (for doctors and by invitation only)

If you have not yet created your free e-learning account, register today at Registration is easy and requires only your name, email address, and DAN member number. All of the courses offer a certificate of completion, and some include a quiz to reinforce key points.

If you have suggestions for other topics, send an email to .