LEBIH CERDAS: Penundaan Dokumen Perjalanan

It’s been more than a year since many divers have traveled internationally and visited beloved or new dive destinations. Although it is unclear when and which international destinations will be fully accessible, it’s important to stay proactive about important travel documentation preparation.

When you plan international travel again, make sure your passport has not expired or doesn’t have a rapidly approaching expiration date. The U.S. Department of State is currently facing higher-than-normal passport application and renewal requests because of staff shortages and increased demand for travel. A process that once took a few weeks now can take several months.

Whether you have travel on your calendar or not, check your passport’s expiration date, and leave ample time for application completion and processing. Check the current service time for passports and get information about how to apply for or renew a passport at travel.state.gov.

Some destination countries currently request a confirmation of the traveler’s insurance. Usually communicated by and handled through embassies, these documents show your necessary health and travel insurance status. At your request, DAN can help facilitate the process by working with our insurance underwriters to quickly provide the letters for you to send to the requester. Like with passport renewals, it’s imperative to leave ample time for processing the request.

By ensuring you have all the necessary, up-to-date documents, your travel will remain safe and accessible.

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