Most fans of big animal action are familiar with the legendary Galápagos, Cocos, and Socorro dive destinations. All are remote and remarkable. Far fewer people know of — let alone have dived — another open-ocean oasis in the eastern tropical Pacific region: Isla Malpelo. 

A silky shark swims through a huge school of bigeye jacks.


The seven days in the Galápagos went by too quickly, and I was ready to come back before I had even left. The Galápagos National Park and the tour operators greatly respect the destination, and conservation is their primary goal. Even with all the protections in place, the fishing industry, climate change and ocean health pressure the archipelago. Every tourist dollar that goes into the Galápagos adds persuasive emphasis that this is a place that deserves ongoing and stringent protection.

hammerhead shark

Tonga’s Gentle Giants

Humpback whales feed in polar waters during the summer and then migrate to tropical or subtropical waters to breed during winter. Various locations offer seasonal whale-watching, but swimming with them is legal in only a few places — Tonga is one of them. Every year its warm and sheltered waters provide a nursery for the whales, which gather there between July and October after a long migration from Antarctica.

mother humpback whale supports her calf

Calling the Dive

Calling a dive is not as easy as just giving the thumbs-up signal. There are steps to follow after the signal to cancel a dive. The dive briefing should cover these procedures, and the greater the dive’s potential risk, the more attention to detail the procedures and briefing should have to make calling the dive happen as safely as possible.

diver using a safety sausage


Ce n'est pas tous les jours que l'on peut observer le fonctionnement interne de notre planète en jetant un coup d'œil sous le capot du moteur de la création. Certains scientifiques affirment que la vie sur Terre est née des cheminées hydrothermales situées dans les abysses de l'océan. Ce royaume est bien plus profond que l'endroit où je flotte actuellement, mais sinon, c'est [...]

Des morceaux de glace s'échouent sur le sable noir de la plage Diamond Beach, près du lagon glaciaire de Jokulsarlon.

La course aux sardines du Mexique

Although striped marlins (Kajikia audax) are slower than some of their billfish cousins, their 50-mph speed is plenty fast for me. I try to swim alongside this stealth bomber of the sea as it works a baitball to separate individual sardines from the silvery mass. While getting outpaced by sailfish and black marlin might be […]


Destination Antartica

WHEN I STARTED DIVING, I fell in love with colorful coral reefs and marine life. If you had told me that Antarctica would someday become a favorite destination, I might have laughed and said I’d never …


Caïman Brac

THE CAYMAN ISLANDS CONSIST OF THREE ISLANDS — Grand Cayman and Little Cayman; Cayman Brac, however, is not as well-known among dive aficionados despite the island’s infrastructure and …


Journal de bord du bosquet de Spiegel

Le long et étrange voyage du Spiegel Grove a commencé en 2001 autour d'une bière au Sharkey's Bar de Key Largo, en Floride. Plusieurs organisateurs du projet Bibb and Duane shipwrecks réfléchissaient à ce qu'ils allaient faire ...



I SUSPECT THAT MY LOVE FOR SABA was set in motion the first time my father threaded King Kong onto our home projector. It was the original black-and-white film from 1933 — and if you’ve never viewed it, you should. I watched, enthralled, from my comfy beanbag chair as a ship carrying a film crew motored through […]