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If you like the idea of a liveaboard adventure with remote, open-ocean diving where your dive boat is likely the only one on the reef, you’ll love a trip to Flower Garden Banks. It remains one of the best-kept secrets for wilderness diving in the continental U.S., where you can expect rare encounters such as a longlure frogfish on a sponge, scalloped hammerhead sharks feeding or a whale shark swimming by.

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An Insider’s Guide to Roatán

Located in the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatán is a tropical gem nestled in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. The largest of the Bay Islands, Roatán sits about 30 miles off the Honduran coast between Utila and Guanaja. Its fringing reef system makes up the southernmost edge of the Mesoamerica Reef (the world’s second-largest reef system) and is arguably Roatán’s biggest attraction.

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Bertahan dari Tiga Bahaya di Maladewa

A diver didn’t heed the divemaster’s warning and was lost at sea. Deploying his large surface marker buoy helped with his rescue. DAN recommends that divers always listen to the dive briefing and follow all directions and always carry an SMB and reel. If your breathing-gas supply is critically low, get to the surface at a safe ascent rate, and then monitor for signs of decompression illness. It is better to deal with DCI on the surface than to run out of breathing gas at depth.

Pelampung penanda permukaan yang digunakan untuk membantu penyelamatan

Emboli Gas Arteri Air Dangkal

Pada Musim Gugur 2013, istri saya, Liv, dan saya mengawasi 16 penyelam baru yang mengalami jarak pandang rendah untuk pertama kalinya. Tempat pelatihan kami memiliki kedalaman maksimum [...]

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Operasi Matahari Terbit

Kisah pencarian kapal selam Jepang I-52 adalah salah satu dari dua penemuan yang dipisahkan oleh waktu dan tujuan. Dalam kegelapan malam di Samudra Atlantik pada tahun 1944, kapal anti-kapal selam Angkatan Laut AS mencari pertemuan rahasia antara kru angkatan laut Jerman dan Jepang. Beroperasi berdasarkan informasi intelijen yang diperoleh, mereka berusaha mengejutkan dan menenggelamkan kedua kapal selam tersebut. Setengah abad kemudian, I-52 masih belum ditemukan di dasar laut, tetapi kali ini pencarian dilakukan dalam kegelapan lautan dalam untuk mengejar kemungkinan, bukan kehancuran.

Senjata anti-pesawat masih mengarah ke langit di bangkai pesawat I-52

Aw Terinspirasi

Michael Aw’s early life while growing up in Singapore — he didn’t see the ocean until age 17 — gave few clues that he would one day become one of the most influential print journalists in destination diving and ocean conservation. The author of or major contributor to 43 books, Aw created Ocean Geographic magazine in 2007 and also leads expeditions, often to exotic regions. He now hopes to raise awareness of the folly of shark-finning and the overexploitation of our marine resources.

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DCS di Cozumel

Our checkout dive was easy, with a maximum depth of 75 feet for 50 minutes. The current was slight, and the visibility was spectacular — an ideal first dive. It closed with a nice, slow ascent and a three-minute safety stop. When we returned to the boat, I felt a sudden tingling in my right foot followed by a dull ache in my knee. I assumed the worst, thinking I had decompression sickness (DCS). When I reviewed the dive in my mind, however, that seemed impossible.

Staf memantau dan berkomunikasi dengan pasien di ruang Costamed.

Memotret di Lingkungan yang Keruh

Turbid water can be a challenging environment for underwater photographers, particularly when shooting wide angle. Turbid water may not appear brown or green from the surface — in many cases the water looks entirely different once we drop in and begin the dive. All water is turbid to some degree. Understanding what causes turbidity and knowing how to work around it can make a world of difference when shooting in those conditions. One of the best skills a photographer can develop, particularly for shooting wide angle, is learning how to read water quality.


Berolahraga Setelah Istirahat

Sometimes life gets in the way — family obligations, unforeseen injuries, work responsibilities, social events — or perhaps the world as we know it shuts down for a while. When these things overwhelm us, many people tend to sacrifice exercise first. You may miss a few workouts, and then your exercise routine slowly slips from regular to nonexistent. It happens to most people — even fitness experts and professional athletes — at some time. Although it may feel challenging, it is possible to restart your exercise routine.

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Simbiosis di atas Pasir

Interactions between different species, whether above or below water, typically revolve around confrontations between predators and prey. At the opposite and more harmonious end of the spectrum, a scattering of unrelated species coevolved to form lifelong alliances for their mutual security. These relatively rare go-along-to-get-along partnerships provide a net benefit for both parties, improving each species’ reproductive success. The close living arrangement between weak-eyed alpheid snapping shrimp and sharp-eyed partner gobies is a classic example of symbiosis in the sea.

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