Continuing Education Can Make You a Safer Diver

There are a lot of great reasons to continue your diving education beyond your open water course. Advanced training lets you explore new environments, gives you the opportunity to learn […]

Environmental Stewardship for Divers

Because we venture to it, witness it, and explore it, divers have a deep and abiding appreciation for the marine environment. But as we know, it is threatened by various […]

Skin Bends and Flying After Diving

Cutaneous decompression sickness — also known as skin bends — manifests as bruising or mottled skin, typically on the belly, buttocks, breasts, thighs, or upper arms. In some cases, there […]

Teach Your Divers To Be Prepared

As a dive pro, you know that divers can get injured even when they do everything right. That’s why it’s important to ensure they’re prepared for anything. On a recent […]

Don’t Let Divers Deny DCS Symptoms

Dive professionals know that decompression sickness (DCS) is a fact of life. We invest significant time and effort in preventing it. What many divers — and even many dive pros […]

Be a Great Dive Buddy

Diving is a bit like a team sport: Throughout a dive, it’s important to remain aware of where you buddy is and how they’re doing. But being a great buddy […]

How to Manage Ear Troubles

Even with a sound understanding of how pressure affects divers’ ears and practical knowledge of equalization techniques, divers still experience ear problems. Here are a few of the most common and […]

Understand the Ears for Optimal Health

Ears are complex and incredible organs that do so much more than pick up sound: They enable orientation in space, everyday physical activities and social interactions. Because of their importance […]

Rely on Your Emergency Planning

When a real emergency occurs, its already too late to think about how you’ll respond and whether or not your emergency action plan (EAP) is up to snuff. An effective […]

Better Boat Diving

Some of the world’s best dive sites are accessible only by boat. At some point in your diving career it’s likely you’ll board a boat for some diving. Here are […]