Dive Medical Services Around the World

DAN members should be aware that there are emergency service providers who are more motivated by profit than patient well-being. People who have just experienced a dive accident are vulnerable and may not be thinking as clearly as they otherwise would be. Injured divers are rarely familiar with the local “system” for hyperbaric care and may be susceptible to advice from whoever offers it.

Abaco Cave Diver Evacuation

Just before Christmas, a DAN member who was diving in Abaco, Bahamas, experienced an incident that resulted in decompression illness. When he contacted DAN and tried to access the benefits of his DAN membership and insurance, he did not receive the level of service he should have. Although we are still collecting information about DAN’s response to this incident, we can offer the following additional context to what was previously reported.

Aerial view of Abaco, Bahamas

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