Put Your Students’ Minds at Ease

You’re no stranger to Divers Alert Network: You know about its recompression chamber network, dive accident coverage, 24/7 emergency hotline and programs for dive professionals. These benefits are why you’ve been a member for years. But to people who are brand new to diving, when you say “DAN” they might think you’re talking about some random guy rather than a dive safety organization with 40 years of experience.

Your students who are just dipping their fins into diving likely won’t know about DAN’s emergency support services. In a world with no shortage of membership organizations, why would your students want one more membership card to stick in their wallet? And why would they need dive accident insurance in addition to the health insurance they most likely already have?

Because of that disconnect, it’s important to let your students know about the ways DAN will be available to support and assist them throughout their diving lives.

Puede iniciar la conversación con sus estudiantes diciéndoles que los ha inscrito para obtener la cobertura de gastos médicos para estudiantes de DAN World (at no cost to you or them). Let them know that after their training is complete, DAN’s low-cost annual membership provides emergency services and informational resources to divers and travelers. Accidents are unfortunately a fact of life, and DAN members have access to evacuation services and a 24/7 emergency hotline. They can also access a non-emergency hotline to speak to a DAN medical specialist and get all of their questions answered — a major anxiety reliever for new students.

La membresía también permite a los buzos adquirir una asistencia en caso de accidentes de buceo; esto es importante porque muchos planes de seguro de salud no cubren accidentes de buceo ni servicios de evacuación sanitaria. A medida que sus estudiantes se sientan más cómodos con el buceo y aprendan más al respecto, la membresía de DAN facilitará su acceso a webinarios, videos, investigaciones, guías de seguridad y mucho más.

Dive accidents are fortunately rare but do occasionally happen — but this should not be seen as a deterrent to diving. Preparedness in diving is key, and introducing students to DAN membership is one more resource for them as they become self-reliant, prepared divers. Just like home or auto insurance, while it’s not used every day, it is far better to have it should an incident occur. 

DAN is so much more than an organization that provides assistance: It can be a source of confidence and encouragement to new divers. Learn more about what’s available for your student divers at World.DAN.org.  

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