Monóxido de carbono: el asesino silencioso

El monóxido de carbono (CO), un gas tóxico inodoro, insípido e invisible que podría introducirse en su botella de buceo, ha causado la muerte de submarinistas en todo el mundo.

Mantenimiento del equipo

It’s easy to get complacent about performing routine equipment maintenance because we think expensive equipment should be made to last longer or that we’ll have more time to do it later. But planned maintenance is key to preventing equipment failures.

Proteja el medio ambiente

Dive businesses, professionals, divers and the broader dive community can be active in their work to protect the environment. Through education, interventions, awareness and other simple steps, we all can work together to support and protect the environment.

Derecho a negar la prestación de servicios

Dive operators and professionals can refuse service to any potential diver if the decision is based upon sound, consistent and safety-related reasons. Read these considerations.