Perjalanan Seumur Hidup

PADA TAHUN 2018 DAN 2019, SAYA DAN SUAMI SAYA melakukan perjalanan ke 50 lokasi di 35 negara selama 14 bulan berturut-turut, menghabiskan lebih dari 250 jam di bawah air untuk meneliti buku panduan perjalanan menyelam untuk National Geographic.

Pengakuan seorang Penyelam Yahoo

A COMMERCIAL DIVER FRIEND TOLD ME YEARS AGO that people like me — recreational divers who do commercial diving work — are often referred to as yahoos.
I was always comfortable underwater and, at 78 years old, still am.

Mempraktikkan Keterampilan Penting

WORKING AS A MATE ON DIVE BOATS for the past 22 years has allowed me to be a part of many interesting situations. When teaching scuba classes, I use one particular situation as evidence of the importance of maintaining skills through regular practice.

Setelah Kecelakaan

Being involved in a traumatic event can take a toll on everyone: dive professionals or rescue divers who perform a rescue, lay providers who help with CPR and first aid, and dive buddies or bystanders.

Apakah Saya Membutuhkan Oksigen Kelas Medis?

DAN INTRODUCED THE FIRST standardized emergency oxygen course for divers as lay providers in 1991. More people trained in oxygen delivery means that providers in dive locations worldwide need to have emergency oxygen units available. Obtaining oxygen refills, however, is an ongoing problem …

Memberdayakan Penyelam Adaptif

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, you make lemonade, as the saying goes. Such was the case for Jen Overturf. She suffered a spinal injury at her sixth thoracic vertebra from a dirt-biking accident in 2003 that left her paralyzed from the waist down. After the accident …

Penyelam Demo

KEBANYAKAN ORANG TAHU arti penting sejarah D-Day, hari yang terkenal ketika pasukan Sekutu mendarat di pantai Eropa barat pada tanggal 6 Juni 1944.

Few people, however, know the story of the men who went into these enemy waters before them. Armed with nothing but a mask, fins, and a knife …

Pelayaran Terakhir

IT IS MAY 1940, AND GERMANY HAS BEEN AT WAR WITH THE UNITED KINGDOM for more than eight months. Tensions are high across western Europe. It appears inevitable that Italy, under the fascist government of Benito Mussolini, will enter the war aligned with Germany. In Naples, Capt. Lorenzo Muiesan of Italy’s SS Umbria, a maritime […]

Dean Hollis: Semangat untuk Air dan Berdampak pada Kehidupan

DEAN HOLLIS, FOUNDER OF SWIM AND DIVE RETAILER DIVENTURES, grew up in Lakeland, Florida, as a third-generation Floridian. “I spent the first 22 years of my life in Florida, where I pretty much lived in the water,” …

Pengiriman DAN: Laporan Penyelaman Tahunan Baru Telah Tersedia

THE NEWEST EDITION OF DAN’S ANNUAL DIVING REPORT IS NOW AVAILABLE. While the release of the 2020 report was delayed, it offers fascinating insights, statistics, and case summaries of recreational dive incidents and fatalities that occurred in 2018.