Embolismos arteriales gaseosos en aguas poco profundas

In Fall 2013, my wife, Liv, and I were supervising 16 new divers who were experiencing low visibility for the first time. Our training site had a maximum depth of 20 feet (6 meters) and protection from the currents that render many urban waterways challenging to shore divers. Two experienced rescue divers with excellent buoyancy […]

Embolismos arteriales gaseosos en aguas poco profundas

Pulmonary barotrauma can occur in a shallow swimming pool if a diver holds their breath during ascent or inadvertently floats to the surface while holding their breath. Most dive-related pulmonary barotraumas occur in compressed-gas diving due to pulmonary overinflation during a breath-hold ascent. Pulmonary barotrauma can occur even with normal breathing if there is an obstruction in the bronchial tree that prevents one lung segment’s normal ventilation.

¿Cuándo debe comenzar el rescate?

DIVING INHERENTLY CARRIES AN ELEVATED LEVEL OF RISK because humans cannot survive underwater without specialized equipment. When things go wrong, an effective rescue is vital for a favorable outcome. Most rescue diver courses teach students basic techniques to apply after something goes wrong, but better courses also provide techniques to prevent incidents from occurring in […]

¿Dónde va mi octopus?

LA INDUSTRIA DEL BUCEO ESTÁ REPLETA DE DEBATES.¿Debo usar un compensador de flotabilidad estilo chaleco, con espalda inflable o con “backplate” (placa trasera) y ala? ¿Una luz empotrada o una luz inalámbrica? ¿Un cinturón de lastre o lastre integrado al compensador de flotabilidad? ¿Aletas regulares o aletas partidas?...

skills for buddy breathing with left handed octopus

Curso de rescate: ¿estoy capacitado para dictarlo?

WHEN ASKED TO DESCRIBE THEIR FAVORITE COURSE, many divers will discuss the challenges and triumphs they experienced during their rescue class. Instructors often describe rescue as the most rewarding course they teach. It is often the first course in which divers begin thinking about others more than themselves, so it’s little surprise that it stands […]

Después del accidente

Estar involucrado en un suceso traumático puede afectar a todos: profesionales de buceo o buzos de rescate que realizan un rescate, proveedores no profesionales que ayudan con las maniobras de RCP y los primeros auxilios y compañeros de buceo o espectadores. [...]

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