DAN Medical Call Center Updates

The DAN Medical Call Center © STEVEN JAMROZ

The DAN Medical Call Center experienced a significant increase in activity in 2023, setting a record for medical information calls and case reports. This proliferation indicates a resurgence in the dive industry, prompting DAN Medical Services to accommodate the demand to assist divers and health care providers in making the best decisions for their patients.

DAN has expanded its Medical Services division by adding two additional call centers to the one at its North Carolina headquarters. Staffed by medical professionals trained to DAN’s high standards, these new centers are strategically positioned to ensure global readiness during daylight hours. 

DAN has also established smaller teams of doctors in various regions of the world to offer support in various languages — such as Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Malay — and will continue expanding its multilingual capabilities to better serve divers and doctors worldwide in their native languages.

DAN’s Medical Call Center is staffed entirely by medical personnel, ensuring seamless, high-quality assistance, while improved proprietary systems for monitoring ongoing cases enable DAN Medicine to provide around-the-clock support to divers worldwide.

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