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2023 DEMA Show

Nov 14, 2023 @ 8:00 am - Nov 17, 2023 @ 3:00 pm


Since 1980, DAN has worked tirelessly to promote diver safety — operating the 24/7 DAN Emergency Hotline, conducting dive medical research, and collaborating with stakeholders throughout the industry to establish best practices for safe operations. 

Today, thanks to the support of divers, training agencies, dive pros, and dive businesses, DAN is stronger than ever. We are committed to the safety of divers around the world, and we are grateful for your support.

Seminar Schedule

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Update on Jellies: There’s More to Them Than We Thought 9am – 10am 288
Rebreather Forum 4 Recap: Staying in the Loop 10am – 11am 288
Mitigate Your Liability Risks 11am – 12pm 288
Scientific Diving: Managing Risk at 500 Feet 12pm – 1pm 288
Everything You Need To Know About DAN Insurance 1pm – 2pm 288
2024 DAN Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and Examiner Update 2pm – 3pm 288


Medical Epidemological Research 9am – 10am 288
Diving Injuries in Minors 10am – 11am 288
The DAN HIRA Dive Safety Program 11am – 12pm 288
Bubble Dynamics From Sea to Space 12pm – 1pm 288
Diving First Aid V3.0 Upgrade Workshop 1pm – 3pm 288


Mitigate Your Liability Risks 9am – 10am 288
Scientific Diving: Managing Risk at 500 Feet 10am – 11am 288
Rebreather Forum 4 Recap: Staying in the Loop 11am – 12pm 288
Update on Jellies: There’s More to Them Than We Thought 12pm – 1pm 288
Everything You Need To Know About DAN Insurance 1pm – 2pm 288
2024 DAN Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and Examiner Update 2pm – 3pm 288


DAN Emergency Hotline Case Reviews 9am –10am 288
The Aging Diver 10am – 11am 288
Diving and Cancer 11am – 12pm 288
Disinfecting Dive Gear: COVID-19 and Beyond 12pm – 1pm 288
Diving First Aid V3.0 Upgrade Workshop 1pm – 3pm 288

Seminar Descriptions

Diving and Cancer

By Frauke Tillmans, PhD

A cancer diagnosis can be a challenging and life-changing event. The severity and progression of the disease varies by cancer type and stage — and from person to person. This talk will cover what cancer patients and survivors should know and consider when thinking about returning to diving. 

Rebreather Forum 4 Recap: Staying in the Loop

By Frauke Tillmans, PhD 

In April 2023, the fourth rebreather forum, hosted in Malta, welcomed over 350 members of the CCR community to advance and consolidate knowledge of rebreather technology and its use by technical, government, and scientific divers, with the goal of improving rebreather diving safety and performance. In this talk we will summarize the main takeaways from RF4. 

Diving First Aid V3.0 Upgrade Workshop (2 hours)

By JoAnn Haack, MSE 

This Upgrade Workshop is intended for BLS and DEMP V2.1 Instructors (who are not also DFA Pro Instructors) and DEMP ITs who still need to complete the update to the 3.0 versions of the DAN first aid courses. This workshop along with completion of the online training will requalify a current V2.1 Instructor. 

2024 DAN Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and Examiner Update (1 hour)

By JoAnn Haack, MSE

Divers Alert Network Instructors, Instructor Trainers, and Examiners are invited to attend the 2024 Update. This session will cover improvements and changes from the past year and provide an outlook on changes coming in the year ahead.

Disinfecting Dive Gear: COVID-19 and Beyond

By Francois Burman, PrEng, MSc

COVID-19 gave us a new appreciation for the need to properly disinfect our diving equipment. The pandemic may have passed, but controlling the spread of infectious diseases remains crucial. In this talk we will cover lessons learned about effective disinfection products and methods.

Mitigate Your Liability Risks  

By Francois Burman, PrEng, MSc

Dive operators’ and professionals’ vulnerability to legal liability suits is more concerning now than ever before. To make matters worse, insurance premiums have soared. While we can’t expect this situation to resolve anytime soon, we can at least understand and better address the risks that lead to lawsuits — and thereby be better prepared to protect ourselves.

DAN Emergency Hotline Case Reviews

By Matias Nochetto, MD 

Come join us for another opportunity to discuss real cases from the DAN Emergency Hotline. We’ll cover critical thinking, rationalization of signs and symptoms, and whether the signs, symptoms, and case history suggest DCI or not. We believe this is an invaluable exercise for active-duty dive leaders.

Update on Jellies: There’s More to Them Than We Thought 

By Matias Nochetto, MD 

Jellyfish are perhaps the most iconic hazardous marine life, and they are among the ocean’s most fascinating and underrated creatures. When it comes to first aid and definitive treatment, there is science, there is nonsense, and there is vinegar. We’ve learned a few things about these animals that we think you should know, too. 

Scientific Diving: Managing Risk at 500 Feet

By Mauritius Bell

Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems (MCEs), which range in depth from 100 feet to 500 feet, are among the least explored and studied areas of the oceans. Since 2013 a small group of divers from the California Academy of Sciences has been diving and characterizing MCEs, focusing on reefs between 250 and 500 feet deep. The team has discovered dozens of new species of fish, corals, and invertebrates. Safely conducting working dives to these depths is challenging, and the team has had to manage decompression sickness, thermal stress, exertion at depth, hypercapnia, equipment failures, bailouts, and much more. 

The Aging Diver

By David Charash, DO

This presentation will cover the physical and mental changes that occur as we age and how they might impact one’s safety while diving. We’ll answer questions including, “When am I too old to dive?,” “Are there certain medical conditions that might impact my dive safety?,” and “How often should I undergo a diver medical physical evaluation as I get older?”


Presenter Bios

DAN Speakers


Francois Burman, PrEng, MSc

Francois is the Vice President of Safety Services at DAN. He is responsible for all of DAN’s safety and accident-prevention initiatives as well as the recompression chamber network. He has traveled around the world to conduct safety assessments at facilities used to treat injured divers and has written two books: The Risk Assessment Guide for Dive Operators and Professionals, and The Risk Assessment Guide for Recompression Facilities.



Matias Nochetto, MD

Matias is the Vice President of Medical Services at DAN, where he has worked since 2006. He is co-director of the DAN-UHMS continuing medical education program and a faculty member of several national and international diving medicine courses and programs. He became a dive instructor (1999) during medical school, which led him to complete a three-year clinical and research fellowship in hyperbaric and diving medicine to combine the two passions.

Contact: Ask a Medic


Frauke Tillmans, PhD

Frauke is the Research Director at DAN. She has a degree in human biology and a PhD. in oxidative stress, a condition associated with acute diving injuries. Dr. Tillmans is an experienced public safety diver, scientific diver, and dive safety officer. She has worked as a researcher in global collaborative projects focused on decompression stress, inert gas narcosis, and oxygen toxicity and was employed by the German Navy before she began working at DAN in 2019.



JoAnn Haack, MSE

JoAnn is the Safety Services Program Coordinator for Divers Alert Network (DAN). She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering and brings a knowledge of safety in the construction and manufacturing industries into scuba diving. JoAnn has been teaching scuba diving since 2008 and is an Instructor Trainer for Scuba and Examiner for DAN programming.



Nathalie E. Judkins

Nathalie is the Director of Membership and Insurance Services at DAN. She is a diver and a licensed insurance agent. Nathalie has over 20 years of experience at DAN, helping divers and travelers navigate the organization’s various insurance products and programs. She works with DAN members, dive professionals, and dive operators globally and is fluent in Spanish and French as well as English.



Rochelle “Shelli” Wright

Rochelle is the Director of Commercial Insurance at DAN. She has been a licensed insurance agent for over 25 years, actively working with all lines of insurance products. Shelli is an avid technical and full cave diver as well as a dive instructor. She combines her knowledge of insurance and her passion for diving to promote risk mitigation and safety education for the diving community.


Guest Speakers


Mauritius Bell 

Mauritius began diving in 1997. He is presently the Senior Manager of Dive Operations and the Diving Safety Officer for the California Academy of Sciences, where he has served as the lead diver on 27 mixed-gas rebreather scientific diving expeditions. He previously worked as a diving officer for the University of Hawaii at Hilo and for the Georgia Aquarium. He is a course director trainer, technical examiner, and cave instructor for NAUI, an examiner for DAN, and an advanced diving medical technician. He is also a past president of the Association of Dive Program Administrators. He is an avid open-water swimmer and a certified flight instructor.


David Charash, DO 

David is a physician who is board certified in emergency medicine and undersea and hyperbaric medicine. He has been involved in the care of injured divers since 1993. Early in his career he recognized the need for quality education for both the diving community and those in the medical community who care for divers. Charash is a Level 2D Diving Medical Physician and a Level 1 Medical Examiner of Divers.


DAN Member Social Returns

Join DAN and your fellow dive industry professionals at the DAN Social at DEMA to enjoy an evening of conversation, drinks, and fun. As your dive safety organization, we raise a glass to all who work tirelessly to promote dive safety. We hope you can join us.


Tuesday, November 14th


The Sugar Mill
1021 Convention Center Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70130

Show Notes

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Instructor Updates

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Nov 14, 2023 @ 8:00 am
Nov 17, 2023 @ 3:00 pm


New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
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New Orleans, LA 70130 United States
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