Want to learn about how breathing gas can become contaminated and how to prevent it? Check out Assurance of Breathing Gas Quality. Want to learn some tips and strategies for safer boat diving operations? Take the Dive Boat Safety Best Practices course. Prepared Diver is great for students, new divers and anyone who wants to learn more about avoiding common dive emergencies.

DAN offers a number of free e-learning courses for a wide level of divers. These are self-led and do not require an instructor.  Many offer a Certificate of Completion as well.  Log in and see what you would like to learn about next.   

Some of our courses require a DAN Instructor to enroll you.  These, primarily are the DAN First Aid courses. With DAN E-Learning, you can even complete significant portions of our first aid courses, learning valuable skills such as oxygen administration, CPR, management of marine life injuries and more. 

Whether you want to gain new first aid skills, refine the safety of your dive operation or better educate your students about dive safety or diving science, DAN has a course for you.