DAN Safety Tips For Dive Operators Guide

DAN created this guide to help dive operators and professionals gain a better understanding of the risks inherent to their operations. It outlines minimum safety standards for various aspects of dive operations. It also provides a foundation for refining safety protocols by offering dive safety officers and other dive pros a tested approach for assessing safety and modifying practices to prevent incidents and limit liability. 

All the safety tips in this book are from the DAN Risk Assessment Guide for Dive Operators and Dive Professionals, a comprehensive guide to the unique and unexpected risks present in dive operations. 

DAN Safety Tips for Dive Operators in Spanish

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IntroductionDAN Safety Tips for Dive Operations

Chapter 1Customer Safety

Chapter 2: Dive Operation Safety

Chapter 3: Dive Training and Equipment

Chapter 4: Dive Operations

Chapter 5: Emergency Planning

Make Your Dive Operation Safer

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