Dive Operation Safety


DAN has offered a wide variety of safety initiatives over the past 40 years in an attempt to prevent incidents and accidents and enhance dive safety. Our diving research, incident monitoring, accident prevention and accident evaluation programs have gone a long way to make diving safer than ever before. The DAN Hazard Identification and Risk assessment, or HIRA, program takes our commitment to safety to an even higher level. Our publications, educational courses and resources all convey important perspectives about the risks in diving and ways to best mitigate them.

Through HIRA, DAN engages directly with dive professionals and business, providing resources, support, training, advice and even essential safety equipment to qualifying operators.

Safety Assessments: Dive Professionals

DAN’s Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) program is designed to help owners, operators, staff and dive professionals identify hazards before they lead to injuries or losses.

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Safety Training: Dive Operations

DAN offers online and live learning opportunities to all who engage in diving operations. Our goal is to provide essential education and knowledge to promote safe diving operations.

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Safety Resources: Dive Operators

Our safety resources, which are free to all, include a range of downloadable publications, advisories, checklists and other useful documents.

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Oxygen Grant Programs

DAN’s oxygen grant programs provide oxygen units to dive professionals, businesses, organizations and associations. The program promotes DAN’s mission to make diving safer.