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Una-Una: A Hidden Paradise

By Text and photos by Todd Aki

Q4 2023

Everything changed for Una-Una on July 14, 1983, when a volcanic eruption destroyed the central hub of Indonesia’s Togean Islands in central Sulawesi. Lava covered 90 percent of the island, and thick, black smoke rose into the sky more than 9 miles high. The Indonesian Navy had evacuated all 7,100 inhabitants when the volcano gave signs of its impending eruption, preventing any loss of life. 


Vis Island, Croatia

By Text by Sabrina Belloni; photos by Franco Banfi

Q4 2023

THE CRYSTAL-CLEAR EASTERN ADRIATIC SEA is promising and seductive. The tiny islands, with their rocky beaches, upright cliffs, and hidden lakes, offer a variety of environments and ecosystems that are among the Mediterranean’s most intact and pristine. The southern part of the Adriatic’s Croatian side has steep, rocky plateaus with plenty of bridges, cracks, and caves. The sea has opened gaps in the porous rocks, carving and shaping cathedrals entirely built of limestone. 

St. Eustatius

By Text and photos by Mike Bartick

Q4 2023

WHEN I THINK OF PARADISE, it’s warm blue water, friendly people, and pristine, uncrowded dive sites. Such places are rare these days and are usually expensive to visit — or that’s what I thought until I learned about St. Eustatius, a tiny island in the Caribbean that is also known as Statia. Nestled between Saba and St. Kitts in the Dutch Caribbean, Statia is just a short flight from St. Maarten.

The Two Faces of Tobago

By Text and photos by Steve Rosenberg

Q4 2023

DIVING IN TOBAGO is defined by the abundance and diversity of marine life in its surrounding waters. Tobago, one of the two islands comprising the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is about 30 miles long and more than 10 miles across at the widest point. It is geographically unique because of its location where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. 

Outdoor Fitness Training

By Text by Jessica B. Adams, PhD, Cassandra Adams, and Lucas Adams; photos by Stephen Frink

Q4 2023

PLAYGROUNDS ARE GREAT PLACES for an outdoor workout while traveling. Most local parks have equipment that can facilitate the exercises in this article. Adult fitness playgrounds are ideal but less common than traditional playgrounds. Always be mindful of children’s personal space when utilizing traditional playground equipment. These exercises are also a great option for incorporating family fitness on vacation.

Larry Brown

By By Kyle Kray

Q4 2023

A READER RECENTLY BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION that over the years multiple Alert Diver contributors have credited a particular dive instructor with providing training that saved their lives.

The Life and Legacy of Tokitae

By By Steve McCulloch

Q4 2023

HER NAME WAS TOKITAE, which means “nice day, pretty colors” in the Coast Salish language. The Lummi Nation knows her as Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut, which is a historical reference to the Penn Cove area, where she was captured along with other young southern resident killer whales (Orcinus orca) in August 1970 near Whidbey Island, Washington, when she was about 4 years old.


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