Health Resources

This collection of online resources provides valuable information about the most important aspects of diver health and safety. Relevant to experienced divers and new divers alike, these educational and reference guides offer useful insights into topics such as cardiovascular health, ears and equalization, decompression sickness, hazardous marine life injuries and much more.

Travelers Medical Guide

DAN Travelers Medical Guide This guide is a resource for travelers, divers, paramedics, first aid providers, physicians, and others to help prevent, recognize and manage travel-related illnesses and injuries. It […]

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DAN encourages divers and dive operators to comply with federal and state social distancing orders and to stay up to date on the recommendations of the CDC, the WHO and your local health department. We acknowledge that some people will continue to dive, and we encourage them to take steps to lower their risk of disease transmission and minimize the risk of injury to avoid further stressing hospitals and emergency medical services.

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Guidelines for Lifelong Medical Fitness to Dive

DAN’s Guidelines for Lifelong Medical Fitness to Dive promote divers’ fitness to dive throughout their lives by establishing a schedule for medical questionnaires and physical evaluations based on age and other relevant factors.

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Dive Medical Reference Books

Enhance your understanding of common issues encountered by divers. These references cover decompression sickness, ear equalization, marine life injuries and more.

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Health & Safety Guidelines

These straightforward guidelines are based on DAN research findings and workshop proceedings. They offer divers and dive professionals practical knowledge for making informed decisions about diver health and safety.

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Smart Guides

These quick-reference guides provide accurate information about many important topics in diving, from basic tips for becoming a stronger diver to common health and fitness issues experienced above and below the water. Download each guide, or view the articles individually.

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Diseases & Conditions

With in-depth information about common medical concerns and their significance to divers, Diseases & Conditions entries cover symptoms, prevention, first aid, epidemiology, anatomy and more. Implications for diving are included for the diver, the dive operator and the physician.

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