DAN Travelers Medical Guide

This guide is a resource for travelers, divers, paramedics, first aid providers, physicians, and others to help prevent, recognize and manage travel-related illnesses and injuries. It presents information in a simplified, easy-to-understand manner and is not intended to supply complete treatment plans or to be a substitute for a physician’s advice. Individuals should consult with trained and experienced medical professionals before undertaking definitive treatment for any potentially significant illness or injury.

Traveling to different parts of the world requires knowledge and preparation. This guide offers general travel information as well as targeted advice regarding specific travel situations. Some topics covered here may not appear in other travel guides.

SECTION 1 Planning and Preparedness

SECTION 2 Disorders Caused by Travel

SECTION 3 Illnesses Travelers Might Encounter

SECTION 4 Traveling When Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness

SECTION 5 Travel-Related Injuries

SECTION 6 Key First Aid Principles

SECTION 7 Assembling a Travel Medical Kit