Mismatched Scuba Valves to Cylinder Outlets

A VALVE-TO-CYLINDER MISMATCH mismatch recently resulted in a deadly outcome in Europe. This issue is preventable with formal, function-specific training and a basic understanding of scuba tank valves and cylinder threads.

scuba valves


SITTING IN A DUSTY OFFICE chair surrounded by dozens of tanks, scooters, drysuits, a massive compressor, and nearly a hundred photographs of dives from around the world tacked to plywood, I found myself in Tim’s dive shack.

Vince Campisano and Tim

Dive in the Fast Lane with DPVs

NEW AND IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY enters the dive industry every year. Advancements can make diving safer, more enjoyable, or sometimes both.

recreational and technical divers use DPVs

Protecting Hawai‘i’s Fishes

CHARLES DARWIN’S FIVE WEEKS IN THE GALÁPAGOS Islands were crucial to the development of his theory of evolution, likely due to the Galápagos having the world’s second-highest proportion of endemic (unique to one location) species.

green sea turtle being cleaned of algae by yellow tangs

Underwater Cave Photography

AS I FLOAT IN THE SOFT DARKNESS of a flooded cave, a tunnel leading away from me catches my eye. Like a mountain trail, the passageway offers spectacular views, physical challenges, and exhilaration. As I exhale into the water, I feel a dissolution of self. My goal as a photographer is to convey that sensation in a photo.

Photographing underwater caves in Mexico

The Eclectic Vision of Renee Capozzola


Over-under of paddletail snapper school at sunset

Remaining Calm When out of Air

Proper out-of-air training and practice are important so a situation like this will not be the first time a diver is exposed to it. Had I not had the level of skill repetition positively enforced by my collegiate instructors, this event could have easily spooked me out of cave diving.

Meredith Tanguay and James Mott demonstrate the correct execution of single-file gas sharing in an overhead environment

Avoid Diving with Earplugs

A TOPIC THAT COMES UP FREQUENTLY when discussing dive safety is the use of earplugs. Are they safe to use while diving? Does DAN have any recommendations?

Inserting earplug

Petar Denoble: Solving Practical Issues for Divers

PETAR DENOBLE, MD, D.SC., HAS DEDICATED HIS CAREER to exploring and solving practical issues in dive medicine.

Denoble traveled with the 2006 Britannic dive team

Safety Equipment: A Necessity Even in Paradise

AS DIVERS, WE MUST take extra steps in our predive checks to ensure that our buddy has their safety and signaling equipment so we can be prepared in case of an emergency.

DSMBs can help surface support personnel and other boats locate divers on the surface