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Paralyzed in Grenada

By Deborah Newman

Q4 2017

I was 50 years old and had applied to law school. I was anxiously waiting to hear if I had been accepted, so to distract myself I decided to take a dive trip to Grenada. After a great first day of diving, I awoke early on the second day eager for more. I prepared my […]

Autism and Diving

Q4 2022

My son is on the autism spectrum and wants to learn how to scuba dive. Will his autism be a problem? Everyone with autism is unique and must be evaluated independently. There will never be an all-inclusive recommendation. First, all decisions must be made by you, properly trained dive instructors, and the physicians who are […]

Expanding My Dive Portfolio

By Rachel Plunkett

Q4 2022

MY FACE IS STARTING TO FEEL NUMB, but at least my body and toes are still warm. The way the sunlight dances through the towering kelp is enchanting, and I’m mesmerized by each brown sea nettle I see — their long, corkscrewed tentacles seem to dance in the water like ribbons in a gentle breeze. […]


The Last Voyage

By Text and photos by Mark B. Hatter

Q4 2022

IT IS MAY 1940, AND GERMANY HAS BEEN AT WAR WITH THE UNITED KINGDOM for more than eight months. Tensions are high across western Europe. It appears inevitable that Italy, under the fascist government of Benito Mussolini, will enter the war aligned with Germany. In Naples, Capt. Lorenzo Muiesan of Italy’s SS Umbria, a maritime […]

Demo Divers

By Kyle Kray

Q4 2022

MOST PEOPLE KNOW the historical significance of D-Day, the infamous day when Allied forces landed on the shores of western Europe on June 6, 1944.

Few people, however, know the story of the men who went into these enemy waters before them. Armed with nothing but a mask, fins, and a knife …


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