Program Spotlight: New Diver’s Guide to Safer Diving Is Available

DAN works diligently to equip divers with the information they need to stay safe both in and out of the water. Our recently revamped Giant Stride publication provides newly certified divers or divers in training with a must-read introduction to key dive safety concepts and skills. 

A great companion piece to any entry-level course, this 52-page digital guide supplies relevant information about scuba gear, critical elements of dive planning, and dive etiquette. After achieving certification, divers can continue to rely on the guide as an ongoing resource for dive physiology, health and fitness, and travel-related information, both domestic and international. 

Dive professionals can incorporate Giant Stride in their training or share a copy with their students so they can take advantage of this free safety resource from DAN. Doing so may instill in them the importance of continuing their dive education and demonstrate that learning never ends when it comes to the underwater world. Help students and divers understand that knowledge of safe diving practices is as essential as their mask and fins to successfully completing dives. 

Giant Stride is only one of many publications and resources that DAN has created — for the benefit of all divers. Access the guide by downloading the PDF

Guides such as Giant Stride provide a great reminder that all diving involves some risk and that DAN is one of the best, most reliable sources for expert risk mitigation.

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