Dive Professionals

The Front Line

As a dive professional, you are a champion of safety, working on the front lines every day to protect the divers in your care. While being a dive professional has many perks, DAN understands that it also comes with the significant responsibility of safeguarding lives.
That is why DAN is here to champion you. DAN provides all dive shops, dive instructors, divemasters and dive leaders access to risk-mitigation and safety programs designed to protect both divers and dive professionals. From diver protection to accident prevention to emergency management, DAN’s Professional Membership program offers the tools you need to realize our shared vision of making every dive accident and injury-free.

To learn more or to become a DAN Professional Member:

Professional Membership


•Earn 20% with Short-Term Dive Accident Coverage

•Earn $10 when you refer new members to DAN World

Safety Resources

•Webinars and videos

•Smart Guides

•Reference books


•Receive preferred pricing on oxygens units, first aid kits and safety products

•Member pricing can be accessed through online account

Benefits of a DAN professional membership:

Preferred Pricing on Liability Insurance

DAN RRG liability insurance programs provide worldwide coverage backed by Lloyd’s of London. Plans can be customized and feature low premiums for DAN members.

Profits earned from DAN Liability Insurance sales are reinvested back into the organization’s medical and health research to help make diving safer for all divers.

Subsidized Student Medical Coverage

Enroll your entry-level students in DAN’s Student Medical Expense Coverage program which provides up to US$25,000 in medical expense coverage for injuries sustained during training.

This program is fully subsidized by DAN and includes scuba and breath-hold diving.

Member Referral Rewards Program

Earn reward points for each diver you enroll as a new DAN member. There are three simply ways to accumulate points which can be used toward the purchase of DAN oxygen units, first aid kits and safety accessories.

Unused points earned during the year can be redeemed for cash.

Discounts on Oxygen & First Aid Kits

DAN professional members receive preferred pricing on oxygen units, first aid kits and safety products featured in the DAN store.

Member pricing can be accessed through your DAN professional member account.

Interactive Risk Mitigation Tools

We offer dive operation safety training — including Dive Safety Officer, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) programs, downloadable publications, advisories and checklists, and EAPs you can customize. Available at no cost.

Resources for Your Students

Spread the message of dive safety. Click to tap into the most relevant health and safety information for students and new divers.

Information is available online, in PDF format, and can be shared via social.