Safety Training: Dive Operations

Online as well as live learning opportunities are available to all engaged in diving operations, providing essential education and knowledge to ensure safe dive operations.

Risk Mitigation Courses

DAN’s online risk mitigation courses are designed to give industry professionals the tools they need to ensure that their dive operations are meeting industry recommendations. These courses are provided with the intent of making this critical information as easily accessible as possible, which is why they are available to anyone, free of charge. Keep a lookout on this site for new modules to be added.

Dive Boat Safety Best Practices

The DAN Dive Boat Safety Best Practice E-learning program is designed to help dive boat operators improve the safety of their activities and adopt the recommendations of the 2018 United States Coast Guard (USCG) Marine Safety Advisory, (Safety Alert 15-18). This 30-minute course is tailored to meet the specific needs of boat captains, dive professionals and operators preparing their businesses for upcoming boat diving activities and can serve as a training material that substantiates your business’s continued commitment to safety.

DAN Assurance of Breathing Gas Quality

The DAN Assurance of Breathing Gas Quality e-learning course is designed to help compressor operators identify, prevent and respond to gas contamination incidents. With this training, your staff will be prepared to prevent injuries and accidents that result from contaminated breathing air and properly respond to these issues if they occur despite the best efforts to prevent them. Completing this course not only improves a fill station operator’s capabilities but illustrates their commitment to safety.

Dive Safety Officer (DSO) Course

The Dive Safety Officer (DSO) course is designed for professionals in the industry who want to elevate their dive safety knowledge and skills. Individuals who receive the DAN DSO course certification will learn to identify and assist in mitigating technical and operational risks in the complete range of dive-related activities. DAN DSOs will complete the course having been immersed in a culture of safety and will have the tools to disseminate that knowledge to dive businesses and professionals around the world.

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DAN First Aid Courses

DAN first aid courses prepare people to manage injuries related to scuba diving as well as those that occur in other settings. These courses provide incident management skills that empower people to step up and take action in emergencies.