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Professional Liability Insurance (Individual and Group)

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Eligibility & Enrollment

Who is eligible to purchase coverage?

Currently, DAN World Insurance Group SP can only enroll (i) dive professionals who reside in select Caribbean countries and U.S. and British Territories who hold credentials from an approved training agency. DAN is working with other carriers to offer liability coverage in other countries and territories.  Check back for updates.

What training agencies recognize DAN World Insurance Group SP liability insurance?

DAN World Insurance Group SP liability insurance is accepted by all major training agencies. This includes PADI, NAUI, SDI, SSI, TDI, IANTD, PDIC, PFI, PSS, RAID, NASE, AIDA, SEI and others. If your training agency is not listed, contact a liability insurance specialist to learn about coverage.

Does DAN World Insurance Group SP liability insurance meet training agency requirements for coverage?

Yes. The DAN World Insurance Group SP policy meets the insurance requirements of all dive training agencies.

Can I purchase coverage as a free diving or swimming instructor?

Yes, the professional liability insurance (individual and group) provides options for those who do not teach scuba but are qualified to teach freediving, RSSA (Recreational Surfaced-Supplied Air) diving, swimming, skin diving, and snorkeling. 

Is there a maximum age limitation for DAN World Insurance Group SP liability insurance?

All qualified dive professionals are eligible for coverage under the DAN World Insurance Group SP policy provided they meet any age requirements of their training agency.  DAN World Insurance Group SP does not place limitations on the training standards developed by the training agencies and closely follows the recommended guidelines established by these agencies.

How do I apply for coverage? 

You must complete the application found at World.DAN.org/Liability.

How many staff members can be covered under my group professional liability policy?      

Currently, there is no limit to the number of staff members that can be covered under your group professional liability policy. But remember, all staff members share the single policy limit.

Coverage / Limits

What insurance products do you offer for dive professionals?

DAN World Insurance Group SP offers professional liability (individual and group) insurance. Dive pros may also purchase DAN-sponsored dive accident or trip/travel insurance.

When will my policy become effective?

The effective date is generally 12:01 a.m. on the day after you submit your application, however, approval may take up to 48 hours. If you prefer a later effective date, you may choose the date you would like coverage to begin. To avoid a lapse in coverage, please submit your application prior to the expiration date. There is no grace period.

Do I need to carry both liability insurance and DAN dive accident insurance?

Yes. It is wise to have both types of insurance because each product provides different benefits. Professional, group professional and general liability insurance protects you when a student or customer is injured and files a claim against you or your business. DAN dive accident insurance protects you against hyperbaric chamber costs, physician and hospital fees, and ambulance charges incurred in the event of a diving injury. Liability insurance and dive accident insurance are not interchangeable, and the benefits do not overlap.

Do you offer short-term policies less than 12 months?

We do not offer short-term policies. Our policies have a term of 12 months.

Is my policy a claims-made or occurrence-based policy?  

The professional liability policy (both individual and group) is a claims-made policy, meaning that coverage is triggered when a claim is made against the insured and it is reported to the underwriter while the policy is in force. If a claim is made while the policy is not in force, there is no coverage for that claim. 

Where am I covered when I teach or supervise divers?

The professional liability policy (both individual and group) offers worldwide coverage.

Are instructors who teach public safety classes covered by the professional liability insurance?

All professional liability policies (individual and group) cover the insured for teaching public safety diving. However, the insured would not be covered while working as a public safety diver.

Does DAN World Insurance Group SP liability professional liability insurance cover training that takes place in a national park? 

Yes, the professional liability policies (individual and group) cover the insured when training in a national park.

Does DAN World Insurance Group SP liability insurance protect me against claims arising from COVID-19? 

No, DAN World Insurance Group SP liability insurance does not protect you or your business from claims arising from or related to COVID-19. Infectious diseases are excluded from the policy; this is common with most liability insurance policies in the industry.

Is there a pandemic exclusion in the policy?

The professional (individual and group) liability insurance policies do not include a specific pandemic exclusion. However, all policies contain an exclusion for losses arising from a communicable disease, which would include pandemic.

Am I covered to teach rebreathers or technical diving? 

Yes, Rebreather and/or Technical Dive Training are included in the policy for qualified professionals. Applicants must carry the appropriate certifications and ratings for the equipment used for coverage to be valid.

Does DAN World Insurance Group SP professional liability insurance cover mermaids and other underwater performers? 

Yes, the professional (individual and group) liability policy covers professionals when engaged in water-based performances. See endorsement for details.

Does the professional liability insurance include prior acts coverage? 

Yes, this is a claims-made policy and covers all claims made during the policy term, provided the incident/loss occurred subsequent to the earliest date from which you have had continuous professional liability insurance coverage. That coverage could have been with another insurance carrier, but it must have been continuous.  If you experienced a gap in coverage or if this is new coverage, there is no prior acts coverage.

How does coverage work under a group professional liability policy? 

Coverage is the same as under an individual policy, but note the following:

1. All staff listed under a group policy share a single limit of liability ($1 million/ $2 million aggregate) and that limit is reduced each time a claim is made.

2. Coverage only applies to professional services provided by your staff to the store’s customers.  If a dive professional teaches or leads a dive trip with someone who is not a customer of the dive shop, the dive professional has no coverage.

What limits are available?  

The professional liability (individual and group) insurance policies have a limit of $1 million per claim / $2 million aggregate.

Am I exposed to liability whether or not I choose to render aid?  

Each case will be subject to state law and fact dependent, but understand that a plaintiff can file suit against you regardless, and place the burden of proof upon you to defend.

If I teach for more than one dive training agency, can I be covered under one group liability 
insurance policy?

Yes, the group professional liability policy is designed to cover a professional for services provided under the guidelines of any of the approved training agencies. However, with a group policy the professional services must be provided to customers of the insured dive business. Professional services you provide outside the scope of your responsibilities as an employee or independent contractor of the dive business are not covered under a group policy.

Are defense costs included in the policy limits or are they outside the limits?

Defense costs are included in the aggregate policy limit of the professional liability (individual and group) liability policies.

Endorsements / Changes Policy

Can I add an endorsement after I purchase my policy?   

We do not have any endorsements in the DAN World liability policy.

Are there fees to add additional insured? What about fees for policy upgrades?   

There is no additional cost to add additional insureds or teaching staff. There are no additional fees for upgrades, but there may be an additional premium depending on what’s added to the policy.

Who can be an additional insured? 

Additional insureds are third parties who can be added to the policy at no additional cost. The listed additional insureds are then protected under your policy and have coverage against claims that result from professional services you (the named insured) provide as a dive leader, instructor or business owner. Instructors or divemasters may not be added as additional insureds; they must have their own professional liability coverage or be listed as insured staff members under a group policy.

Can I change approved teaching staff, or add additional insureds after I purchase my policy?

Yes, changes can be made at any time. You can add/remove staff or add/remove additional named insureds. Contact a liability representative for assistance.


When do I need to renew my liability policy?   

If you want continuous coverage, you need to renew no later than the day before your existing policy expires. Renewal notices will be sent to remind you; however, you can renew as late as the day before your policy is due to expire to keep your coverage without lapsing. There is no grace period.

I won’t be teaching again for a while, why should I renew my coverage? 

Since professional liability insurance is a claims-made policy, it requires you to have coverage at the time the claim is made.  If a claim is made and your coverage has lapsed, you will not be covered. You should purchase tail coverage to be protected.

Does DAN World Insurance Group SP offer tail coverage?   

Yes, tail coverage is available to protect you against claims that are made after you have retired. After a few years(the length of time depends on the state), the ability of an injured diver to bring a claim expires and tail coverage is no longer needed.

Does DAN World Insurance Group SP offer automatic renewal on its liability insurance policies? 

Automatic renewal is not currently available for professional (individual and group) insurance policies.  Each policy must be renewed manually each year. You will receive a renewal notice in advance of the renewal date.

Premiums / Payment

Must the premium be paid all at once, or can I pay over time? 

All policies require payment in full at the time of enrollment. All premiums are fully earned, and there are no refunds.


What risk mitigation programs, products or services do you offer?     

A variety of risk mitigation programs are available, including the following:

1. Brochures and other materials on diving safety, available in print and digital

2. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) – 3 levels (2 are self-assessments)

3. Prepared Diver Course (e-learning program which reminds divers of the causes of diving accidents)

4. Complementary student insurance (to offset the cost of an injury to your student)

5. DIDS Boards (to count divers on the boat)

6. Oxygen and first aid kits, and training, to respond to injuries

Will my training agency be notified that I have purchased a liability insurance policy?

Yes,  all designated training agencies will be notified about your purchase of liability insurance; no action is required by you.  However, additional insureds will only be notified at your request.

How do I access my proof of coverage? 

Upon payment of your premium, your liability documents will be sent to the email address on your application. You will be provided with a Declarations Page which describes the coverage you have purchased. If you have listed additional insureds, they will be provided with a separate certificate of insurance. Once your policy goes into effect, you can also log in to your account at DAN.org/Liability to print your declaration page and insurance card at any time.

How do I file a claim? 

Complete an incident report to gather the relevant information. Once this is done, call 1-800-446-2671 (+1-919-684-2948) and speak with one of the customer service representative for the DAN liability program, or email the report to . If the incident involves a fatality or serious bodily injury, please contact DAN immediately at 1-800-684-9111 so that we can take steps to protect your interests.

Whom do I contact if I have questions? 

For questions, contact a member of our liability insurance team by phone at +1(919) 684-2948 or by email at .

Liability Customer Service

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Incidents And Claims 

Collect all relevant information and send it to DAN World Insurance Products SP. If the incident involves a fatality or serious bodily injury, contact us immediately.

Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. ET



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Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of DAN World Insurance Group SP Policy PL110 (22 June 2023), GPL110 (22 June 2023). Coverage is not available in all countries.

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